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Case Studies
Names have purposely been changed or removed in this section to protect client confidentiality, however the examples below are real case studies. 
Miss "Relationship"
This lady had been experiencing a lot of emotional overwhelm and upheaval in her life from about a year after moving into her home.  She became involved in a relationship that was extremely stressful for her.  The relationship continued for about one and a half years and then she decided to end it as it was causing her a lot of pain. 
Fortunately in an attempt to deal with the emotional stress of the relationship she began to immerse herself in spiritual practices and focusing on changing her life in a positive way.  This seemed to reveal a better path for her and her life seemed to be finally on track.  She was still trying to find her ideal partner, however and she managed to attract a number of potential partners.  Unfortunately these relationships also brought undue emotional attachment and stress.
On analysing her house it was clear that her main door was in an area that casued a lot of conflict in relationships and tended to lead to excessive emotional stress.  Additionally the location of the main door was blocking many new opportunities due to the fact that there was a wall directly facing the entrance.  This was severely disrupting the flow of chi to the house. 
When I looked at the interior of the house it was evident that she was also sleeping in a direction that was not good for her and this was severely blocking opportunities and creating unnecessary obstacles. 
After changing her bed direction and putting some cures in the area of the entrance she felt that life was really beginning to take off.  She now has clearer direction with her career and is attracting more supportive relationships.
Miss "Understanding"
This client was extremely succesful in her career and had also acheieved significant academic acheievements since being in her current home.  However not all was entirely great as relationships had been suffering since moving into the house.  This was affecting the relationship with her partner and also with tradesmen whom they had employed to carry out refurbishments on the property.
It was evident that the career and academic success was attributable to an extremely beneficial aspect in the master bedroom and the study downstairs.  Consequently the careers of both householders were progressing well. 
However the relationship support for the house was very weak due to the landform arrangement around  the house.  The front door was afflicted by energy that had the potential to attract loss or violence and the main living areas had an energy that promoted marital dischord and stress.  Not suprisingly the relationship was under some stress. 
After implememting the recommended activations and cures the relationship improved considerably. 
Meals on "Fire"
I was asked to advise on a possible new business partnership for a restaurant that was experiencing severe difficulty.  The prospective new partner was hoping to go into partnership with the current owner with the intention of changing the type of cuisine.  The current owner had re-opened the restaurant in 2008 after refurbishments although the business had originally been established in the 90's in the present building. 
When I analysed the building I discovered that there was a very negative aspect on the front door that was limiting the possibility of success.  Unfortunately the main wealth area was at the back of the building where the kitchen and toilets were.  This was also where the bins were kept. 
Having refurbished the property in 2008 it was clear that the building had changed from being a Period 7 business to a Period 8 business (see the Flying Stars page for an explanation of this).  It was clear on studying the Period 7 chart for this building that up to Feb 2004 (when Period 7 ended) there would very likely have been very good business success.  That good energy would have transformed into negative energy from the end of Period 7 onwards however.  The Flying Stars analysis indicated that in 2004 in particular there was the potential of extreme loss or even fire.  Unsurprisngly, the owner informed me that in fact he had achieved great success throughout the 90's and up to about 2003.  In 2004 however the building burnt down due to a fire in the kitchen. 
The new partner was very keen to re-launch the business and make it successful again.  Without significant funds to refurbish however I pointed out that business would be extremely difficult from this particular site.  The new partner subsequently declined to go into partnership, and unfortunately the restaurant closed down 3 months later. 
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