Feng Shui For Success - For Greater Prosperity, Luck and Harmony
Eight Mansions or Pa Kua
The Pa Kua:
Each of the 8 compass directions of your home are attributed to various aspects of your life.  Once you understand what each of these relate to it is possible through the use of colours, decor and artefacts to create balance, harmony and greater success.
This direction is associated with career and business success.  It also represents the element of water.
Academic success and learning is linked to this direction.  The associated element is earth.
Health and vitality.  The element is wood.
South East
Wealth and Abundance. The associated element is wood.
Fame and Recognition.  The element associated with this is fire.
South West
Relationsips and the Matriarch.  The associated element is earth.
This is to do with children and future generations.  The element associated is that of metal.
North West
Heavenly luck, support from Mentors and the Patriarch.  The associated element is that of earth.
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