Feng Shui For Success - For Greater Prosperity, Luck and Harmony
In its simplest form feng shui is a way of analysing and using the natural energy cycles of the earth in a way that can bring greater success in many areas of your life.  It can be successfully used to boost your business, personal or professional relationships, career, prosperity and ensure overall harmony in your life.
Feng Shui dates back many thousands of years.  It was used very extensively by Chinese emperors in order to improve the power and luck of their palace and ensure that their reign was harmonious and prosperous.  Feng Shui masters were consulted on the design and placement of buildings and even to select the most auspicious locations for grave sites.  It was considered that careful positioning of a burial site would improve the luck of the next and future generations.
Living in harmony with the natural forces of the planet we live on seems fairly important to us these days especially when we consider the impact of development and pollution on the world and the environment. 
However feng shui takes this one step further and shows us that even within a building or particular space we can use the natural elements and energies to our advantage by ensuring that we create the right balance.  This can be achieved by careful positioning of furniture and through the use of colours and objects.  For example, crystals can be used to represent the earth element, blue can be used to represent water and plants can be used to symbolise the wood element.  Arranging your home in accordance with these principles can be a very simple yet effective way to create a more harmonious environment. 
Creating harmony in one's working or living space can improve health, enhance business and career prospects, positively impact study potential, strengthen and attract new relationships and assist in one's overall feeling of peace and contentment.  This may seem difficult to understand at first, but consider that everything in this universe has a partiular vibration or frequency.  If you were to spend a few hours sitting in a room that was painted red your mood would be very different to the experience of being in a room that was painted yellow or perhaps blue. 
Paying attention to the principles of feng shui will generate a high level of positive vibrations which will increase the opportunites and success being attracted to you.
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