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Flying Stars
Time Feng Shui
This is considered to be the most dynamic of the various methods and a proper consultation should always consider the use of flying stars in analysing the properties of a particular building.  Time feng shui considers the way that chi changes in natural cycles of 180 years, 20 years, yearly and even monthly cycles. 
The 20 year cycle is known as a period and analysis of this forms the foundation of any Flying Stars assessment.  The current 20 year cycle is known as Period 8 and this runs from February 2004 to February 2024.  A building is said to fall within Period 8 if it was built or renovated within this period.  If your house was built in December 2003, this would be regarded as a Period 7 property.  The energy distribution and luck of a Period 7 and Period 8 property is very different.
As a general rule the occupants of a Period 8 building are likely to experience better luck than those within a Period 7 property, however this is all dependent on how the 'stars' fall within the various sectors of the building. 
Once you are aware of how the particular energy influences change over a period of time it allows you to plan to ensure that you take advantage of times when the energy is beneficial in a particular location within your home.  By the same token if you are aware that energy in a particular location is afflicted at a particular time, then you can take action to minimise the possible impact of this.
Extensions or Renovations
If you are considering alterations to a house or are considering features such as garden ponds or indoor water features, then this is the aspect of feng shui that one should consider most carefully. 
Moving Home
If you are buying a new home it is possible to select a house that will maximise your chances of success by fully analysing the energy distribution within the house (of course Landform analysis should also be conducted).  If for example the master bedroom and main living rooms were in sectors that were found to be unlucky, it could be wise to find an alternative property. 
Bear in mind though that you should also pay attention to how a place feels instintively.  If it feels uncomfortable, but seems to be a perfect layout then even if the feng shui appeared good you need to consider whether it is right for you.  A word of warning though, if a place feels great but the feng shui analsyis indicates otherwise then think carefully. 
Often it is your mind and not your instincts that take over at times like this...you may think, 'This would be great for entertaining', 'The decor is amazing' or something else, but do not be led by how much you desire a place.  I have personal experience of making this mistake and I can assure you I regretted it soon after we moved in.  You see, I had completely ignored my instinct and followed my mind..
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