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Our Services
Residential and Business Consultations
An on site consultation involves analysing a home or business premises to identify the overall strengths of the property and its energy.  The kind of things that I look at are as follows:
  • Review the ‘landform’ or areas that are outside the property and analyse how these affect the building and the occupants
  • Identify which areas of the property, if ‘activated’ correctly will increase your wealth & abundance
  • Identify the lucky and unlucky sectors of a property
  • Identify any areas that may cause sickness/bad luck or financial problems
  • Recommend the best locations for placement of beds, office desks, cash tills and important documents.  For businesses I will recommend the best locations for key personnel to be be located
  • Assess a property’s suitability and compatibility for each inhabitant based on birth date
  • Determine your personal best directions for sleeping and working based on your individual Kua number
  • For businesses I will also calculate the energy number of the business and check compatibility of this and the property for key personnel
  • I will suggest ‘cures’ that will help suppress negative energy  and boost positive energy
  • Advise on the correct placement of internal or external water features to ensure they are working for you and not draining your finances or causing other problems
Distance Consultations
Consultations can be conducted over Skype or email if an appointment is not possible or practicable - for  example if a house is being built and you wish to receive advice on aspects of the building.  It is also possible to conduct an online consultation where a client prefers this option.
For distance consultations it will be necessary for a plan to be faxed or emailed to me in advance.  An accurate compass reading of the main door or facing direction of the building will also need to be provided.  Full instructions and guidance on how to do this will be provided where applicable.
Building Advice and Renovations
New builds are a great opportunity to plan the house layout correctly to achieve the best possible feng shui.  Bathrooms and toilets should be planned so that they fall in areas where the chi is not beneficial.  Areas of positive chi should fall into living space, such as lounges, offices and bedrooms.  Of course there is one difficulty with new builds in that the compass direction cannot be accurately determined at the building stage.  Due to steel in RSJ's and electrical installations the actual compass reading may vary from the anticipated compass direction.  For this reason it is essential to plan for a degree of variance and to ensure that differences can be easily factored into the internal layout to maintain the concept of maximising positive chi throughout.
Renovations that result in moving walls, replacing windows, roofing or main doorways can significantly change the energy of a house or office.  Similarly extensions can fundamentally change the flow of energy in a building and can affect the luck of the occupants in a positive or negative way.  It is useful therefore to understand how things could change.  Where change will result in a positive impact that is great, however the correct activations and enhancers should be incorporated into the furnishings and decor to benefit fully from this. 
Alterations that may have a less desirable effect on the feng shui of the building should be very carefully considered, particularly if the change is one that results in positive areas being lost.  For example I saw a house recently where the owners had built a large extension on the back of the house.  As a result the house was now L-shaped.  Not only was the house now out of balance, but the result of the extension was that the most beneficial wealth and relationship aspects had now fallen outside of the house into the garden.  The reason for this was that the new 'centre' of the house was now much farther back than before.  After the building had been completed the family experienced severe financial difficulties and financial problems.  Fortunately we were able to improve the situation significantly through the use of cures and activations.  It would have been great however if the extension had been considered from a feng shui perspective before being built.  Hindsight is a wonderful thing..
Home Fimder Service
When I was looking for my present house I would turn up to each viewing with my compass and camera.  At first most of the estate agents thought that was a bit strange, but eventually a number of them started asking me questions and were getting curious about what I was looking for.  I explained that I was simply looking for a house with a good 'chart' and which had beneficial energy in the right locations, such as the main door, the main bedroom and the living area.  After a while they started to appreciate how useful this was and would ask me lots of questions about what sort of luck the occupants were likely to achieve; would the house be good for money, relationships or health? 
I would be able to help you find a property that is compatible for you.  I am now able to offer this service either on site or by analysing readings provided by you.  For on site assessments  I will visit the property in question, take an accurate compass reading, analyse the feng shui chart and advise you of the relative strengths and weaknessess of the property. 
For off site assessments I will work off compass readings and plans that you provide.  The estate agent plans are perfectly adequate for this.  You just need to take a compass reading.  Full instructions and guidance on how to take an accurate reading will be provided to you.
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