Feng Shui For Success - For Greater Prosperity, Luck and Harmony
Beyond Feng Shui
It is important to remember that feng shui should be considered as a valuable and extremely important way of improving your success and good fortune.  However it is by no means the only tool that you should be using.  
The Chinese believe that feng shui accounts for about one third of your overall luck.  They believe that there are 3 types of luck which combined represent the luck that one experiences:
Earth or Environment Luck - this is the luck associated with your environment, or the feng shui of where you live.
Heaven Luck - this is your 'karma' or your luck by virtue of astrological influences.
Human or Personal Luck - very importantly, this is the luck that you bring to bear on your own life by way of your own knowledge, skills or attitude.  This is a crucial one to pay attention to as it is no good creating perfect feng shui if you then sabotage the results by a less than positive mind.  Feng shui can create more opportunities but it is vital that you are prepared to seize these and act accordingly. 
Personal Coaching:
I also offer personal coaching to ensure that you can identify and remove anything that is holding you back. I have experience of working with individuals to help identify and release negative emotions, limiting beliefs and habits that are holding you back.

I am trained in and have experience of the following methods: Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis, Advanced Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapas Acupressure Technique, TimeLine Therapy.  

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