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Feng Shui - simple and effective

Feng Shui For Success is focused on providing high-quality advice to individuals and businesses alike.  I have experienced the results of Feng Shui first hand and have personally consulted a number of the top consultants in the UK and abroad.   I have also studied with a number of highly experienced and well regarded Masters.
I understand only too well the confusion and contradictions regarding Feng Shui teachings and writing.  There are lots of theories and formulas and certain Masters disagree on some principles and points.  It may seem strange, but there is no clear right or wrong in may of these cases.  Feng shui can be considered a science as it has certain rules and principles that can be applied and tested.  However it is natural that there will be some alternative approaches.  This is to be welcomed as it is only through challenging and testing theories that new knowledge and advances become available.
What I have found is that I have compared the different approaches and interpretations that I have been given and what I have learnt and have analysed these carefully in light of the experiences that I have noted.  What I practise therefore is what I believe to be the essential and most effective methods of application.  The key thing with the use of Feng Shui is to be open and flexible in application and to be prepared to try variations or alternative approaches. 
I practise a range of formulas and methods of analysing a property.  These include Landform, Flying Stars, Eight Mansions.  All site visits involve taking accurate compass readings of the property using a traditional Chinese Luo Pan compass.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website as there's much more to come!
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